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Our journey was started even before 1970’s. With his family and sons, Maganlal Patel inaugurated the venture and blissfully, today we are one of the leading companies in India to Processor ,Trader and Exporter of Spices, Oil seeds and Ground spices.

We not only sell in the domestic market but also we have a great clientele base in the international market. Throughout Europe, America, South Asia, China, UAE we have established our business camps and everyday putting the best effort to grow even better.

Cumin seed , Fennel seed , Dill seed , Chilies ,Ajwain, Coriander, Fenugreek and Psyllium husk are our specialties among spices. We also master oil seeds out of the nature maintaining the balance and core sensitivity. While providing you the best quality, we make sure to conserve the nature and not to exploit it by any means. We have been extracting various kinds of oil seeds like yellow mustard seeds, Sesame seeds, natural and Hulled sesame as well as roasted sesame. The mothers and wives who cook food for the family, don’t just only cook but pour in all their love and affection and keeping all that in mind JD and Company weaves the products and the processed spices acquiring a healthy and pure technology.

The company is amplifying the business at the largest possible ways. Having enormous International clients along with a strong domestic base, we are confidently stepping towards the rest of the world aiming an invasion. The contrast of super modern technology and best quality products accelerate our growth and success. With a potent presence in the North and west India, Jay Dattatray Trading Company is performing extremely well in Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh.

JAY DATTATRAY TRADING COMPANY is synonymous with quality product. The standard retained by us shows in our products. We sell various processed spices, ground spices and oil seeds. Putting the best effort day in day out resulted in the predominance of the brands being carried by us. Brands like TEEN EKKA, KAKA, DIAMOND, FIVE STAR AND SADHU that we delightfully promote and keep forward. With great self esteem and holding the head high we acclaim to serve the best quality ever possible.